A Single Pane of Glass for Life Sciences Researchers

Instrument clinical research process and increase productivity

Productivity |  Real-Time Collaboration | Compliance

LabPulse has Protocol Management, Collaboration, Citation Management, Inventory Management, and Order Capture Capabilities.  It is built on Salesforce: the world’s best Low Code Platform for Business & Engineering Agility

Manage your Projects on-time, within-budget and compliance

Empowers organizations and principal investigators (PI) to effectively manage projects, experiments, budgets and teams in one place.

In-built PubMed Integration to search, refer and link content

PubMed database is at user fingertips for a quick literature search, review, import citations into the projects, experiments and download.

Data insights using Statistical data analysis, visualization and Reports

Detailed data analysis and comparison across various trials and experiments. Comprehensive and customized reports for interactive data visualization.

Realtime Collaboration

In-built advanced team collaboration tool provides real-time communication from any device, working on a document as group, sharing content within and outside the teams with utmost security.

Encourage external team contribution using Communities

Build thriving communities for the research area with limited data sharing with external users. Encourage external users like researchers, reviewers etc. participate in a project execution and capture research results. 

Inventory & Orders

Complete Product, Inventory and Order management capabilities with custom processes. Inbuilt integration with Jackson Laboratory and Oracle suite of products to quickly connect and use your existing systems.

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