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Managing laboratory experiments seamlessly and efficiently isn’t always easy. There are increased demands for more testing, higher standards for quality & data compliance, the need to minimize overhead and the emphasis on proper tracking and data management. Together these dynamics present an opportunity to develop a platform which can manage animal research effectively. The need to allow for proper planning, initiation and documentation of experiments can help research plan and organize data more effectively. The reproducibility of experiments is important for reinforcing hypotheses and data validation. Therefore, experimental retrieving and archiving are also critical characteristics of an effective animal research management tool.


Documenting Experiments

Planning, Initiating and Documenting experiments are made easier with Labpulse research project management tool. It helps researchers, plan their experiments, monitor the status of the experiments, and organize the data in a structured fashion. Its experiment retrieving/archival options, allows the users to compare any of the current experimental status with those of the previous, increasing the reproducibility of the experiments.

Real-time Streaming

  Labpulse’s unique Real time streaming/tracking option allows the researchers to monitor or track the status of the experiments or projects in a real time environment. This will enhance the research productivity, cutting down on time and other laboratory overheads. 


Experimental transition is very crucial in any research project. Labpulse allows a streamlined transition of experiments/projects from initiation to close out with a structured phase gate review option.

Protocol Database

Its built-in protocol reference database, with scope for optimization, and options to export or import protocols. This allows the researchers to quickly plan and conduct the experiments, leaving room for planning other aspects.

LIMS Integration

Labpulse allows easy integration with Laboratory Management Information Systems (LIMS) for easy handling of experiments and organizing the experimental data.

Live Chat

It’s unique live chat enabled feature, helps to monitor the status of the experiments/projects at each and every step. This particularly helps the researchers collaborating remotely from different geographical locations, eliminating the need for other conventional modes of communications.

Data Analysis & Sharing

Simple, yet complete data analysis tools like Einstein, integrated with statistical analysis packages makes data analysis simple with Labpulse. It also offers a virtual and live data sharing option, to share enormous research data among the peers in a collaborative environment.

Report Generation

All research data can be reported in accordance with applicable regulatory guidelines and in a protected environment.


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