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Products & Inventory Management

LabPulse has robust functionality and reporting to help researchers maintain their products and inventory within the enterprise. In addition, the platform enables integration with external vendors and supplier systems.


Product Master

LabPulse has an integrated Product Master for smaller organizations to help them manage their products throughout the lifecycle. In addition, the product metadata can be easily configured as per your needs in minutes.

Product Details

An administrator can manage the visibility of Product Details based on specific roles and responsibilities. For example one persona can view the complete details of the products while others in the organization can be limited to specific attributes of the product.

Inventory Management

LabPulse has inbuilt inventory management in the system. Using this, System Administrators and other stakeholders can get complete insights into the product inventory across all locations (internal and external) through easy to configure integrations.

Reporting & Attachments

Reporting is available in the system and can be enabled for each individual within the organization based on roles and responsibilities.

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